We make e-consults easy and worthwhile. You provide faster care, confidently.


Industry standard encryption and security measures employed.


Submit claims (including K738/K739) with the tap of a button. You get paid once you reach $250.


Create consults and respond to messages wherever you are and receive push notifications to stay connected.


Get access to over 24 types of specialists to get advice for your patients and manage them with confidence.


Receive responses to your consults within days or hours so you and your patients can make decisions.


Decrease unnecessary referrals and build strong relationships with physicians by providing valuable advice.

How It Works

Initiate and complete consults with just a few clicks.

Initiating an E-Consult:

Create a New Consult

Click the "New Consult" button.

Search for a specialist

Type a colleague's name or search by specialty.

Ask a Specific Question

Enter your specific question and include relevant clinical details. Attach reports or take pictures with our mobile apps.

Completing an E-Consult:

Implement Your Care Plan

After receiving specialist opinion for your question, you can now click the "Complete Consult" button and implement your care plan.

Select a Billing Code

Consult Conduit can be used to bill e-consultation codes including K738 and K739.

*Please refer to the Ontario Schedule of Benefits to ensure you fulfill billing requirements. Dermatology and Ophthalmology specialists bill specialty specific e-consultation codes including U025/U023/U026/U021/U235/U233/U236/U231

Specify a Diagnostic Code

Select a diagnostic code and complete your consult. We handle the rest and pay you once you reach $250 in total unpaid claims.

*Consult Conduit retains a 10% billing fee. Refer to terms of use for further details.

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