Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can only Ontario physicians use this service?
A: Currently Consult Conduit is only for Ontario physicians. We are currently working to expand this to other provinces in Canada.

Q: How do you verify doctors?
A: All doctors are required to include their CPSO and billing number upon signing up. This information is then verified with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Users are required to upload the Health Claim Authorization document which allows us to bill on your behalf for e-consultations completed using Consult Conduit.

Q: Does Consult Conduit make money?
A: Yes, we take a nominal, 10% of each claim to OHIP. This will be deducted from the cheques sent. Full transparency and documentation is found in your online account.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can use this service?
A: You may consult as much as you like, but the K739 and K738 billing codes can only be used and reimbursed up to a maximum of 400 times per 12 month period.

Q: Can I print all my billing transactions?
A: Absolutely. Export/print function of all billings are available for audit purposes or personal uses. You can easily copy the consult information for your patient’s records.

Q: Can I export the consultation conversation to my EMR?
A: Copying the text of a conversation can be done in one click. You will always have access to this data through your account for audit purposes.

Q: Can I consult physicians who are not yet a member?
A: Yes, when creating a new consult, you can email a colleague who is not yet registered. They will then receive an invite to sign up and view the consult.